Start of Lent with art

01.03.2011 – WIESBADEN

(mel). The newly founded “Arbeitskreis Kunst und Evangelische Kirche” (AKUK), an initiative initiated by the St. Thomas Church congregation, Pastor Klaus Neumann and Felicitas Reusch, is now presenting a first project: the exhibition “Fasten Your Seatbelt”, which opens on Ash Wednesday, 9 March, in the Bergkirche.

The project developed from Gabrielle Hattesen’s “Herbergs-Suche”: The Wiesbaden artist had already exhibited her object at the BBK exhibition “Zeitgleich” (we reported) in the Bergkirche. The local pastor Peters is now also a member of the “Arbeitskreis Kunst”, as well as Jeffrey Myers, pastor for church work, and the artists Gabrielle Hattesen and Rainer Zamoire. Her working hypothesis is:”How can visual artists bring the Protestant message to the Church of the Word?”

On Ash Wednesday, the first exhibition will be opened at 7 pm. On display are works of art by Bettina Bätz, Bernhard & Meyer, Margot Garutti, Michael Göbel, Gabrielle Hattesen, Frank N. Hoffmann, Ingrid Hornef, Johannes Kriesche, Garbiele von Lutzau, Wladimir Olenburg, Usch Quednau, Katja Theinkorn and Rainzer Zomoire.

The theme of her joint work of art in the nave in front of the apse is a special “thirteen-course menu”. The exhibition can be seen in the Bergkirche until March 20.