artistic dreams

Light and art for Frankfurt’s blind eyes.
kunsDreams are spaces that are changed by art.

Dreamlike changes – metamorphoses.
From abandoned business premises to the art dream.

Driving through Frankfurt, the attentive visitor stares at dark window cavities.
Inanimate offices.
Beautifully situated, but yawningly empty shop space.
Whole high-rise buildings without tenants.
Frankfurt suffers from vacant office space.
Office buildings are constantly being rebuilt, although other, older office buildings are empty.

The economic situation and the restructuring of the retail trade mean that attractive shop facades in prime locations over the course of months leave the streetscape in gray gloom.

Only when such a property is rented again does the renovation work begin according to the wishes of the new tenant…
Leaving, with stained carpets and yellowed wallpapers – down – the house also shows itself to the potential new tenant.
An empty object that is unrenovated, but still attractive and animated by modern art, rents out much easier.

In my mind, I came up with the idea to use these rooms for exhibitions.
The morbid charm of an empty office building in connection with art – this could only be a gain for all sides.

An office building that suddenly shines brightly in the evening with a low-cost timer and is equipped with modern art, gets a fresh tailwind in the rental sector and artists who can present themselves, market themselves and sell their works without a gallery owner.

You receive 100% of the sales price.
The artist gives his work, his works, organizes the invitations, the vernissage.
He bears the risk of the investment otherwise assumed by the gallery owner without the security of a sale.
In cities where you have gallerists, this form of marketing is of course excluded.
If a gallery owner from another city sends a potential customer to kunsTäume, he will of course still get his percentages.

The artist’s own initiative also increases the gallery owner’s chances.
A permanent exhibition in which he can send his contacts for viewing without having to make a personal contribution.

The homeowner wins in any case.
If the landlord is smart, he also invites his potential customers, business partners, contacts and friends.

He can decorate himself with art and show that his empty office space can be attractive.
Ideally, he or she will participate in the costs of the invitation or take over part of the catering.

The artist waives the exhibition fee, which is common today. Everybody wins.
A business is only a good business if all sides profit from it.

This is the case with kunsTäume.