Four Odenwald women in a talk with Karlheinz Stier

Four women from the Odenwaldkreis and their exciting stories straight out of life will be the focus of a round of talks entitled “Strong Women in the Odenwaldkreis”, for Sunday, February 8th, 10:30 a. m., at the Gasthaus Krone in Zell!

NOT as originally announced in the village community centre.

And the morning seems to be exciting when you look at who is answering the questions of the well-known and popular HR presenter Karl-Heinz Stier (Hessen à la carte).

Gabriele von Lutzau (54) from Michelstadt, who became the “Angel of Mogadishu” in 1977 under the name Gabi Dillmann when the “Landshut” was kidnapped by Palestinian terrorists and is now considered an internationally renowned sculptor.

Katrin Dörre-Heinig (47), world-class runner, bronze medal winner at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul and mother of a daughter, also answers the questions of the television favorite Katrin Dörre-Heinig. The three-time winner of the Frankfurt Marathon started 30 times at the world’s most important marathons. 21 times she stayed below the magical limit of 2:30 hours.

Anja Hofmann-Thielsch (40) – also from Erbach – will report how, after a successful career start as sales manager of a well-known office equipment manufacturer and eight years of independence, she decided to support her two children’s family and education and has not regretted it until today.

The quartet is rounded off by the woman, who is preparing to become the first Landrätin of Hessen: Dr. Erika Ober (58) reports from her experience as a gynaecologist and mother, about her time as a delegate of the German Bundestag and the motivation to follow her party friend Horst Schnur to the head of the district administration.

I cordially invite all interested people – including men, of course – to an entertaining morning.