Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,

Finally, I would like to introduce the 7th edition of the Bunde, which is actually the first one among us exhibitors.

Gabriele von Lutzau, the sculptor who develops wood sculptures as her means of expression. They are partly very large and yet filigree figures, which always have something of air and lightness, even bird flight, the guardian and bird motif appear more often and also refer to the individual biography of Mrs. von Lutzau.

Why wood? According to her own statements, the processing of wood has something emotional about it; the artist communicates with the material, grasps the existing organic form and interprets it and translates it in the design process in her artistic sense.

And yet – another surprise – she doesn’t work like a picture carver with knives and chisels, no, her favorite tool is the chain saw and open fire.

If you now expect it to happen in your studio like in a splatter film, you are wrong again. From a proven source, I can report that Gabriele von Lutzau seems to be very careful and quiet with your tools.

It’s a very determined argument.

She says,”There are artists who work with showing fears. I work differently: I want to counter the fears of freedom and lightness “. Guardian angel, if you will.”What is special about them is that they leave you in distress and not in mourning passivity, but rather sharpen confidence and the will to assert yourself.

In connection with these art spaces Mrs. von Lutzau is not only an exhibiting artist, she is also the organizer and curator of these exhibition spaces to at least the same extent. Her persuasive power not only gave her the space she needed. It also invites a wide variety of artists to exhibit in new combinations. On behalf of my fellow MEPs, I would also like to express my sincere thanks for being here today.

If you have any further questions, especially about the exhibited works, please do not hesitate to contact us.

And… you can of course take home the works of art that you particularly like, even under certain circumstances.