We made it.

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The project was – especially for Maren Krings – the brilliant young organizer was a resounding success!
THANK YOU MARK for the sacrificing and up to the limit of the bearable outreach.
You were a HELD OF WORK!
Amazing what you can do at that age (25) when you are talented and tough.

On the Open Monument Day alone, 1100 people visited the House of Rosental to see the house from 1515 – but also the successful synthesis of unrenovated walls and art.
The opening of the exhibition also brought the capacities of the old, winding wall to the brink of its capacity to absorb.

Whoever didn’t see it missed something.

My contribution was a grand piano.
The pottery market linden tree had paid for a desperate attempt to fly with the tree life.
The false start ended in the roof truss and the façade of the neighbouring house.

Morsch he was the old tree and had to be cut down and excavated.
I chose the enormous stump together with some still firm root parts in the building yard of the town of Bad Langensalza and let it float with the help of a chain saw and fire – FLYING.

Be curious to see the pictures, which will be shown in exhibitions soon.

Visits to the House of Rosental and our exhibition by appointment.
Maren Krings: 0160 32 48 48 573