urohypo Sponsor of the joint exhibition “With art and survival” in Berlin

Eschborn (ots) – Eurohypo is a sponsor of the joint exhibition “With Art Survival and Survival” by jewellery designer Rachel Gera and sculptor Gabriele von Lutzau. The exhibition will be on view in Berlin from 27 June to 31 July of this year.

The works on display in the Commerzbank House at Pariser Platz – silver and gemstone jewellery as well as bronze sculptures – are as diverse as the artist’s CVs. Rachel Gera was captured by the Nazi terror during a visit to Poland in 1939. On her escape, she began to paint in order to counter the hopelessness. Rachel Gera, who is one of Israel’s most famous designers today, sees this moment as the beginning of her artistic career.

Gabriele von Lutzau, as a stewardess in 1977 to Mogadishu, took Lufthansa aircraft “Landshut” with courage and courage to kidnap their responsibility for the passengers about their own fear. After this traumatic experience, she devoted herself exclusively to art. As a sculptor, she creates bronze guardian figures, wings and other motifs that symbolise freedom and lightness.

What Rachel Gera and Gabriele von Lutzau have in common is that they have used their talent – combined with the experience of tragic experiences – to put their talents to good use and to confront the suffering that they have experienced in an encouraging way with their art. “The works of art are symbols of the triumph of life’s triumph over fear, danger and inhumanity,”said Dr. Frank Pörschke, the designated member of the Board of Managing Directors of Eurohypo, on the occasion of today’s opening. “I am particularly pleased that we can support this exhibition.”

Eurohypo is a leading international specialist bank for real estate and public finance. In addition to her commercial success, she sees herself as a corporate citizen and also as being responsible for the society in which she operates as a company. In line with this self-image, the Bank supports innovative cultural projects around the globe, among other things.

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