“Tough guys” as a savior


BONN. Two hostages liberated by GSG 9 remember. Among the many guests attending the celebration of the 40th anniversary of GSG9, there were two people who are particularly attached to the Special Forces Unit with headquarters in Sankt Augustin-Hangelar.

Liberated from GSG 9: Jürgen Vietor and Gabriele von Lutzau, crew members of’ Landshut’, who were kidnapped to Mogadishu in 1977. Photo: Axel Vogel

Jürgen Vietor (70), who was co-driver of the Lufthansa aircraft “Landshut” hijacked by terrorists in October 1977, and flight attendant Gabriele von Lutzau, who at the time was still known as Dillmann, probably owe their lives to the troop.

More specifically, GSG9 commander Ulrich Wegener, who had the aircraft stormed on the runway of Mogadishu with his task force. Wegener’s people were able to free all the hostages almost unharmed. Only Lutzau was injured by splinters of a hand grenade on his leg during the hand stroke, and a GSG9 man was also injured.

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No, actually the chapter “Hostage Liberation” has been chopped down after about 35 years, says Jürgen Vietor:”I don’t dream of the events at night either. Nevertheless, during the anniversary celebration, the long-time navy and airplane pilot, who lives near Hamburg, was forced to take a lot of pictures from that time. Especially after the first filmic homage to the GSG9, many scenes were present in the narrow machine again,”in which it was necessary to endure for five days in an urgent narrowness, heat and almost without sleep”, remembers the former co-driver.

Two incidents in the captured Boeing remain unforgotten to him:”The kidnappers had twice threatened a shooting.” In addition, Jürgen Vietor will not forget the “murder”, he attaches great importance to the designation, of flight captain Jürgen Schumann.

Schumann had been shot by the hostage-takers’ leader on the plane. Unforgettable the feeling of happiness at the end:”When we were able to leave the plane after the liberation on the wings.”

Despite her injury, flight attendant Gabriele von Lutzau was also present. For them, the use of the Wegener troops was simply a blessing:”I wish everyone who finds themselves in a situation like ours, the rescuer being guys as hard as the GSG9.

Article of 18.09.2012