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Leaving, with stained carpets and yellowed wallpapers – in the worst case, an empty object shows up to the potential new tenant.

If you drive through Frankfurt, the attentive visitor stares at dark window cavities. Fantasticly located, but yawningly empty retail spaces “, the Frankfurt artist Gabriele von Lutzau has found.

This gave them an idea: abandoned business premises should become art spaces. An empty object that is unrenovated, but still attractive and enlivened by modern art is immediately leased out more easily,”says the sculptor.

Her initiative to use unrented real estate for exhibition purposes aroused the interest of Morgan Lewis.

The real estate company Rosen-Management provided the building and the firm took over the marketing of art. The real estate sector is one of our core competencies.

In addition, law firm partner Jörg Siegels also works as an artist,”explains Martha Guttmann from the Morgan Lewis marketing department.

The empty offices in Guiollettstraße 54 became a gallery with 1000 square meters. Equipped with modern art and bathed in bright light, the object gets a breath of fresh air in the rental sector.

In addition, the repair costs are significantly lower due to lack of ventilation and damaged pipes when the rooms are vacant for a longer period of time, because the rooms are used by the exhibition. Heating and light can usually be controlled electronically by a timer.

And the artists can present themselves and market themselves, without the need for a gallery owner,”Gabriele von Lutzau explains the principle.

And she calls another pleasant side effect:”The host invites his potential customers, his business partners and friends and can decorate himself with art. The empty spaces are more attractive.”

Gabriele von Lutzau shows sculptures in the form of guardian figures, wings, feathers, hearts, life signs and birds. She has been working wood for 20 years – with chain saw and fire.

The sculptures thus created are cast in small editions in bronze and cast iron. Their works of art from New Zealand’s alluvial wood can be bought from 5500 Euro upwards.

In the past, the metal bank was rented in the building. 111 cocoons now spring out of the vault – an installation by artist Karin Goetz. Buyable to purchase for 11 111 euros. I associate these pupations with the isolation of man in our times. But I also want to demonstrate that there is something worth protecting,”explains the artist. In the adjoining rooms you can see her drawings on this topic.

Waltraud Kunz, whose pictures can also be seen in the Guiollettstraße, paints with natural pigments based on oil.
She spent seven months painting on a large-format photograph of a family. “I work without a brush, just with a spatula. The picture then appears to be marbled. The contours only appear at the very end.”

Also on display are installations from animal skins by Marlen Seubert and works by Manfred Maria Rubrecht.

A characteristic feature of the trained color lithographer is the wide brush stroke, which seems to form the picture without any contours.

The installations by Jörg Siegels, Morgan Lewis’ tax partner, are inspired by current events – he uses driftwood as the material.

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