At Commerzbank’s house at Pariser Platz 1 –

will take place on June 26,2008 at 6 p. m. on the opening of the exhibition:

The vernissage is for invited guests only.

It’s inviting:
Bernd Knobloch
Chairman of the Board of Managing Directors Eurohypo.
Member of the Board of Managing Directors Commerzbank AG

Welcome and patronage:
Gerda Hasselfeldt
Vice-President of the German Bundestag

Musical background music:
Stefan Brauburger, guitar


The exhibition lasts from 27 June to 31 July 2008 and is open to the public during this period.

Opening hours: Daily except Tuesday
11.00 to 20.00 o’ clock

Together with RACHEL GERA,
one of the most renowned
Designers of Israel, I exhibit there.

RACHEL GERA and I are united by the fact that our lives have been shaken by storms. Our two lifelines cross contemporary history and we both decided – independently of each other, each one completely on their own – to counterbalance our fears and memories of art and beauty as a positive counterbalance.

The exhibition is part of a double exhibition. The second part of the exhibition will take place at Eurohypo in Tel Aviv.
I personally hope that this will build a bridge between Germany and Israel.

We shall overcome.

Organized and initiated was the
Double – exhibition of:

Mediaevent, Berlin.
Thank you, Vogel family!

The exhibition is fully sponsored by EUROHYPO.
What would the art world be without patrons?

Eurohypo has also made it possible for us to be guests at Commerzbank in its fantastic building directly at the Brandenburg Gate.